Special Projects

Special Projects



Needs analysis

The voluntary sector in Italy is marked by a particular diversity.  The 300,000 or so organisations of which it is constituted all vary in terms of sector of activity, geographical location, size and operational capacity. They are linked, however, by a powerful common denominator: they all work in the interest of the common good, and for the creation of social value. 

The heterogeneity of the voluntary sector is evident through its ability to meet the growing needs of society with timely solutions and specific projects.

Modello di intervento

The Foundation promotes worthy projects involving voluntary-sector and non-voluntary-sector concerns, encouraging the creation of social networks that develop and/or reinforce new community welfare models on an international level.


FITS! provides access to its design skills for promoting or developing ad hoc projects.

BANCA PROSSIMA SpA: financial partner


The RIBES network - Italian Network for Health and Welfare.

A national system, an open expression of excellence and social economy values in Italy, created to promote the welfare of citizens, communities and workers through the development, exchange and promotion of innovative and economically sustainable business models.

The aim of the RIBES network is to provoke change to confront the challenges we are faced with now and in the future. An innovation in social economy to create value in the welfare of people. A hub for sharing the skills with which responses to new social needs can be effectively highlighted.



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