Social Project Financing

Social Project Financing



Needs analysis

The current state of public finance in Italy, the demands from Europe and, in the case of municipalities, the obligations imposed by the Stability Pact, have induced legislators to introduce new tools and new mechanisms to engage private capital more effectively in the development of public works and public utilities.

To address this requirement we have created the Public Private Partnership (PPP), i.e. a contract to ensure public-private cooperation for planning, construction, management and maintenance of public works and public utilities, with total or partial funding from the private sector.

Project Financing is the most widely-used form of PPP.

Intervention model

Depending on where the concept for the project originates, we can ascertain two types of project financing: public-initiative financing and private-initiative financing.

The public-initiative model of project financing requires a private institution (the promoter) to propose construction of a public utility work to the authorising government agency, where it is already included it in its three-year schedule of work. Where it is not already included, but the authorising agency acknowledges the public utility of the scheme proposed by the private institution (the applicant), project financing is then by private initiative.

FITS! fulfils the role of encouraging cooperation between private/mixed companies and government agencies in order to promote strategies that have a significant social impact within the project financing in which it is involved. To accomplish this role we involve non-profit institutions within the project communities (SPV) in the development of operations with strong social implications and which incur a significant and measurable reduction in public spending. FITS! also supports the financing of these projects using innovative financial tools, through Banca Prossima.



FITS! provides access to its planning facilities and performs an advisory function.
BANCA PROSSIMA SpA: financial partner
Companies and public institutions
Private companies
Joint stock companies with majority public holding
Joint stock companies with majority private holding



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