Needs analysis

There are 14.5 million people employed in the social economy in Europe (6.5% of the EU population), but in relation to the major European economies, Italy has the highest number of employees as a percentage of the total economy (9.7%). 
In Italy, the voluntary sector numbers 301,191 institutions, in particular 269,353 associations (of which 201,004 are not recognised and 68,349 are recognised), and a little over 6,000 foundations. Overall, the system numbers 681,000 employees, 4.7 million volunteers, 271,000 external workers and 5,000 temporary workers, operating incomes of 64 billion euros (3.4% of the national economy).
The "Made in Italy" motto and our quality of life are rooted in our infrastructure of relationships and ties with the community. It is the share capital of the Italian territory that supplies production chains today, and without this it would be impossible to generate value. The presence and the widespread dissemination of non-profit organisations and social enterprises, even outside the national borders, therefore, becomes a major indicator of competition. 

Intervention model

• Participation in European tenders

• Establishment of social enterprise networks, creating market opportunities for social enterprises and/or members of these networks

• Facilitation of synergies between companies and enterprises, generating economies of scale

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FITS! participates in European tenders and promotes and monitors the establishment of Europe-wide networks 

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