Needs analysis

Reviewing energy installations with a view to reducing the waste associated with these activities and the consequent cost savings, and support for the development of renewable energy to reduce the effects of pollution from fossil fuels, are issues of particular concern to communities.

The need for access to qualified professionals to analyse production systems and energy usage with low investment has been revealed by voluntary-sector entrepreneurs.

Intervention model

Analysis of energy efficiency needs for estates (offices, schools, sports facilities, etc.)
Planning for installations required.
Creation of the social ESCo;
Use of financial mechanisms of the FITS! and Banca Prossima energy-efficiency programme.


FITS! provides access to its experience and mechanisms for planning new initiatives, and encourages involvement of the best non-profit organisations. 

BANCA PROSSIMA SpA: financial partner 

E.ON Connecting Energies, Banca Prossima and FITS! have concluded a strategic alliance to promote energy efficiency, reduction of emissions and savings in local government spending in Italy. 

The partnership provides accessible energy solutions to local governments, creating job opportunities in qualifying social enterprises. E.ON Connecting Energies (ECT) is the business unit of the E.ON Group, specialising in integrated energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients and for the public sector at international level.



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