Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility



Needs analysis

Over the past few years, company focus on corporate social responsibility has increased significantly in Italy. An increasing number of companies are engaged in this area either directly or through their establishments. 

Social responsibility also plays an increasingly important role in internal and external business communications and in positioning the company image, especially in the context of the territory and the sector in which it operates.

Thus the need arises to devise models of intervention that are oriented towards a new way of promoting company policies and increasing their social impact on the territory and on the community. 


FITS! monitors social needs, develops new service models, disseminates best practice and raises the awareness of "new social investors." 
COMPANIES: Vodafone Foundation, Peppino Vismara Foundation, L'Oreal, E.ON Connecting Energies Srl 
INTESA SANPAOLO: selects corporate clients and guides companies towards a new understanding of corporate social responsibility. 
BANCA PROSSIMA: financial partner 

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Mode of intervention

Banca Prossima and the FITS! Foundation, in collaboration with the Corporate & Investment Banking Division of Intesa Sanpaolo, propose the implementation of initiatives in support of community welfare to selected corporate clients, to enhance their CSR policies. 

Banca Prossima provides customers with a range of innovative financial tools that maximize the value and social benefits of initiatives for supporting the community, and encourage its development by promoting access to credit for non-profit organisations in the territory, at favourable rates. 

The money invested forms the credit for non-profit organisations, and the partner client becomes a "social investor." 

The advantages for the company in terms of its corporate social responsibility activities are numerous: 

• they have access to knowledge, skills, and networks of contacts through Banca Prossima and the FITS! Foundation, who are specialists in the third sector and well-established throughout Italy.
• it increases their social impact on the territory with the use of welfare models and innovative financial tools (the so-called "leverage effect");

• it enhances their corporate social responsibility policies;

• it attains greater visibility, increases the effectiveness of donations and improves their image;

• it supports the best initiatives for guaranteeing success;

• it supports civic society and helps improve the quality of life for people, focusing in particular on the disadvantaged and facilitating access to credit.



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