Organisational Model 231

Organisational Model 231



Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 introduced the concept of administrative responsibility in organisations and companies, according to which the institution may be held responsible, and consequently sanctioned, in connection with any offence on an exhaustive list (including offences against government agencies and corporate violations) committed or attempted in the interests or to the advantage of its managers, employees or persons in senior positions, or under the direction or supervision of such. 

For the prevention of offences covered by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 the Foundation has implemented the Model for Organisation, Management and Control, and appointed a Supervisory Body which has autonomous powers of initiative and control.

The Model establishes and controls the rules of conduct that partners, suppliers and employees who work with FITS! must comply with in order to protect the creation of social value and relations with the voluntary sector and its stakeholders.
The presiding supervisory body has the following responsibilities:
• to verify the appropriateness and correct application of the Model;

• to investigate reports received from inside the organisation;

• to report regularly to the Board of Directors;

• to update the Model if necessary.
The Board of Directors has appointed Prof. Luigi Pellini, an external professional and sole auditor of the Foundation, as the sole member of the Supervisory Body.

For reports, information and communication with the Supervisory Body, contact:

model of 06.02.2013
approved model of 03.10.2016
internal regulation of 05.2016
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