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FITS! activities and performance focus on the sustainable development of the voluntary sector and a regime of low profit.

The lean organisational structure and composition of its committees reflects this philosophy. 

Board of Directors
Composition of the Board of Directors, which performs the strategic functions of the Foundation, is as follows:
- a delegation from the voluntary sector;
- prominent individuals from the Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo - an economic and financial operator on the national and international markets;
 - prominent individuals from Banca Prossima - a voluntary-sector operator.


Marcello Sala Chair
Tiziano Vecchiato Deputy Chair
Roberto Leonardi General Secretary
Marco Morganti Board Member
Franco Ceruti Board Member
Don Danilo Magni Board Member
Anna Maria Giordano      Board Member
Elisa Chiaf Board Member

External auditor
Giovanni Brondi

Support Committee
The executive role is assigned to the Support Committee which consists of 4 members. Committee members are selected by the Board from Banca Prossima staff.
The Committee currently comprises

Roberto Bonetti Chair
Elena Pigozzi Committee Member
Francesca Rigotti     Committee Member

NB: the committees mentioned above were designated April 22, 2016.



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